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Bradshaw Coones, PLLC

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My passion is for the injured victims in our society.

Reviews from my previous clients

Ruth R., Denison

Mary worked with me on a case where I tripped over an "invisible" parking stop and had to have a complete shoulder replacement. Mary made sure I knew what was going on, with my case, at all times. She worked with my doctors, Medicare, and the at fault insurance adjuster to make sure everything was taken care of. She was a gem!

Gloria H., Denison

Mary is very professional and easy to work with. She answered my questions quickly so I could understand all the details. She seemed to be quite knowledgable of the procedures to insure a positive outcome. In Conclusion, Mary is a good lawyer and a real sweet person. My husband and I recommend her and her law office of Bradshaw Coones, PLLC

Heather S., Colbert

Mary worked with me on a traumatic brain injury trucking wreck. She was with me every step of the way. She answered my questions; she even went to the neuropsychologist with me. She was knowledgeable, compassionate, and a pleasure to work with.

Maria C., Sherman

Mary worked with our family on a carbon monoxide poisoning case. She helped my mother, daughter, niece and nephew. Mary kept us informed of the status of our cases and was available to answer all of our questions. We were so thankful for what she did for our family.

Daniel M., Sherman

Mary worked with me on a car accident case. The adjuster tried to say that my injuries were not related to the wreck and she was able to make the adjuster do what was right and take care of me. Mary fought for me and I was grateful for her skill and expertise.

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